Versed Geologist

Versed Geologist

Versed Geologist

795 x 1 Max

This geologist is the generalist under all geologists.
“Make everything a bit better”
Finds 50% bigger deposits in half the normal time and has a 50% chance of finding an additional deposit. Works on all types of deposits!


Versed Geologist Command Cost & Duration Level
stones Find stone deposite 1 min 4
Find copper deposite 2 min 30 sec 9
Find marble deposite 15 min 17
Find iron deposite 30 min 18
Find coal deposite 2 hour 23
Find gold deposite 2 hour 24
Find granite deposite 4 hour 60
Find titanium deposite 4 hour 61
Find saltpetre deposite 4 hour 62

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