Gespenstisches Steigerungspaket

Eerie Booster Bundle Halloween 2019 2.999 
Eerie Booster Bundle Halloween 2019 3.599 

An eerily awesome package for new starters, or those who want to boost their effectiveness during the event. Get i now while this out-of-this-world discounted and event-exclusive package is available:

  • 1x Courageous Explorer
  • 1x Archeologist Geologist
  • 3x Medi Pack
  • 3x Hugs & Kisses
  • 3x Rain Of Flaming Arrows
  • 3x Ballista
  • 3x Recruitment Guide
  • 3x Weapon Crafting Guide
  • 3x Paperwork Guide
  • 3x Mining Guide
  • 3x Farming & Hunting Guide
  • 3x Rock Mining Guide
  • 3x Wood Cutting Guide