Guild leader change 
Guild application 
Guild interface 
Founding a guild 

Founding a guild: 

In order to found a new guild

1. Build a guild house (you can find the guild house in the second building menu or at the merchant).
2. Click on the guild symbol in the main button bar. In the Founder window, enter…
3. …the name of the guild…
4. …the tag, and…
5. …your chosen guild banner.
6. When you’re ready to confirm your selection, click the «Found Guild» button.

Guild leader change: 

Step down
A leader can choose to hand down his leader rank by pressing the ‘Step Down’ button. The Rank will then be offered to the next guild member in the succession order.

Succession order
The guild leader can assign succession ranks to his guild’s members. This indicates the order in which players will be asked to take over leadership if the leader chooses to, or otherwise becomes inactive.
An automated succession request is deployed after 15 days of inactivity to avoid leaderless guilds.

Accepting guild leadership
A player that receives a guild succession request can choose to accept or decline the request, but has to own a guild house in order to lead a guild. The player has 7 days to accept the request. Should they not accept, the request will be forwarded to the next member in the succession order. The inactivity timer and succession request will start over if no player accepts the request.

Guild application: 

Players that are not yet member of a guild can apply to join a guild of their choice by selecting a guild from the guild list, accessing the guild’s page, and applying using the ‘Apply’ button.
The guild’s leader has to accept their application in order for them to become guild members.

Guild interface: 

Main page
The main page contains guild stats, a message of the day that is also displayed in the guild chat, an editable description of the guild and the guild log.

Here the guild leader can customize the ranks of his guild, their rights and the guild’s emblem.

Member list
Lists all members of the guild, their guild quest completion states and whether they were online in the last 48 hours. The guild leader can also adjust the member’s succession ranks here.