Draw a Guide

Hi, my Friend!

If you a Guide-Maker, Guild Leader or Alone Player and you love Settlers, you must play Adventures!
As you know there are a lot of sites and variants of Guides for a lot of different adventures!
But big part of them awful: small numbers and unclear Positions and mistakes. On this site I try to make own guides, but now I plat them not often. So I want to make you an interesting offer!

I can help you to Draw YOUR Tactic guide with my simple and clean style!

You NEED IT if:
– You combine two or more guides in one.
– The style of guide you like is unclear or not nice.
– You want to make the name of your Guide or Nick more famous 🙂
– You can’t remember the attacks when you have some rest of the game.
– You have a good guide in Excel and don’t know how to draw nice Guide!

You GOT:
– A map which I write Special for you or your Guild. Make a Mark on it!
– If you want, I will not add it on this site.
– I Can make a Page on this Site with all your guides with a password (for limited persons).

5 Camps – 5 Euro
10 Camps – 10 Euro and so on…

Examples (before -> after):

Example1 Example2

Example3 Example4

If you are interested in this offer, write me on my e-mail sowikihelp@gmail.com or facebook.