Halloween 2020

Halloween 2018

“The Halloween Event is all about gathering pumpkins. There are many ways to get them, like through adventures, quests or collectibles.
The most common way is from the pumpkin cemetery (1). They can also be bought at the merchant, and come in many different sizes, with different rates of production. Previously, the amount of pumpkins you could get from a field was limited – but now the fields can be refilled! You can obtain refillers for pumpkins by participating in adventures. Keep in mind that if a pumpkin field runs out, it will wither and you will not be able to refill it anymore. So make sure you always keep the fields full of pumpkins, or stop production until you can refill them to avoid this! Please note that the omniseeds will NOT work on the pumpkin field.

Another way of collecting pumpkins is to defeat the golems that spawn on your zone. (2)

To defeat the golems, you’ll have to exploit their weaknesses. For that, you’ll have to produce buffs in your provision house. There is always one specific buff that’s effective against each golem type, and you can find out which one you need by selecting the monster with your mouse.

If you have some buffs left, you can use them to help your friends, or you can redeem them after the Event by using them on the Mayor’s house.

Having defeated your first monster, after a certain period of time, the monster will re-spawn and you can defeat it again. But beware, the more you defeat it, the stronger it will return! Also, based on your level, after defeating it five times, the monster will change type, becoming even stronger. Will you be able to defeat them all?

After gathering pumpkins (3) through adventures, monsters, collectibles, quests and trading, you can spend them on attractive items from the merchant (4). Besides a spooky looking general and some nice new buffs, you can also obtain rare buildings and decorations, not to mention the critically acclaimed “”grout”” resource with which you can upgrade your buildings to level 6!

So there you have it! Get ready for the best Halloween ever!

Note: The following adventures can give you pumpkin refillers for your fields as reward:
Return to the Bandit Nest, Horseback, The Lost Skull, Witch of the Swamp, The Dark Priests, Island of the Pirates, Sleeping Volcano, The Siege, Buccaneer Roundup, Traitors, Outlaws, Stealing from the Rich, Old Friends, Tropical Sun, Sleepy Reef, Lakeside Treasure, Bandit Nest, Gunpowder, Tikki island, Raiding the Raiders, Tomb Raiders, Sons of the Veld, The Nords, Surprise Attack, The Invasion of the Nords, Pirate Life, Bastille Island, Wild Mary, Mother Love, Arctic Explosion, More Secluded Experiments, Whirlwind, Victor the Vicious, Dark Brotherhood, The Black Knights, Secluded Experiments, Roaring Bull, The Valiant Little Tailor, The Clever Little Tailor, Sons of the Little Tailor, Heroic Little Tailor, Betrayed Little Tailor, Storm Recovery, Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter, Ali Baba and the first thief, Ali Baba and the second thief, Ali Baba and the third thief, Ali Baba and the treasure of knowledge, Ali Baba and the treasure of wisdom, Sindbad and the Besieged city, Sindbad and the sea snake, Aladdin and the Oil Lamp, Aladdin and the beautiful princess, and all colony maps.”