Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 Event Window

“Christmas is coming!

And you know what that means! Much like in previous years, over the holiday season you’ll be able to get presents which you can use to buy special items in the shop.
You can get those presents by (1):
– Collecting Christmas bells, candy canes and gingerbread to produce baskets full of presents.
– Opening certain doors on the calendar
– Sending your explorers on treasure searches
– Completing Santa’s quest chain
– Completing Daily Quests
– Earning event achievements
– Finishing the two Christmas adventures “”The Stolen Sleigh”” and “”Save the Christmas Feast””
– Buying them in the shop
– Or, through Christmas Surprise Packages

Just like last year, but even cooler, you can get great things through the Event Calendar (2). Each day you can open a door and receive resources and buffs.
On special days, you’ll even get a special bonus if you’ve opened all the previous doors.
And, if you manage to open all the doors, you’ll receive a rare “”frosty”” reward!

This year, on certain days, you’ll get special adventures from the Event Calendar. These adventures will require you to help Santa make some unfortunate settlers happy (3) by delivering them some gifts (4) which you can produce in your provision house. These adventures will reward you with extra presents.

We’ve also added new blueprints that can be used on your Rarity Provision House to unlock the production of special new buffs. The Rarity Provision House and the new recipes can be bought in the Christmas shop category (5).”