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Production chains for the Colony mode: 

In order to claim new islands, you now have access to some specialized troops and buildings. You can only use these units to conquer a colony.

(1) First, you’ll need to produce new weapon types, which can be ordered from the Combat Armory.

(2) With those weapons you can build your new troops. You can do that in your Combat Academy.

(3) You’ll also need to acquire a new kind of general, which is called a marshal. You can acquire different kinds in the tavern, or buy them in the shop.

Colony Conquering: 

A new game mode has been unlocked Colony Conquering!
In this mode you can send out special, new troops to find and conquer islands from other players, which are rich in resources. Also, an alternative combat system and brand new challenges await you!

Take and defend what is yours!

New real-time combat system: 

The Colony mode uses a different combat system than you know from your kingdom or adventures.

(1) The biggest difference is that combat is now conducted in real time. Enemy camps will be occupied by different unit types. In combat, one stack of unit types will attack another, until one stack is defeated. If you defeat your opponent’s stack, a new, randomly chosen stack from the camp will be deployed. You can decide which unit type you want to lead into battle next.

(2) There are three basic unit types infantry, cavalry, and ranged units. Each of those unit types is good vs. one and bad vs. another, meaning it will deal (or receive) bonus damage. You should always try to match the right unit type against your current opponent.

Unit switching: 

(1) Your most important goal is to defeat the sector boss camp. When you defeat this camp, all other enemies in the same sector will flee — whether they are currently engaged in combat or not.

(2) Normally standard camps only contain one unit type. Boss camps are mostly well guarded and contain several different unit types, along with a sector boss. These camps will require your full attention, so always be sure to match the right unit type against them.

(3) You can select a unit type by clicking on the battlefield UI element, which shows the next unit to be deployed out of your stack. You can change it at any time, but remember It will only change once either your unit, or the enemy stack has been defeated.

Hint You can see the next enemy unit to be deployed in the equivalent element on the opponent’s side.

Blocking in the Colony mode: 

In order to succeed in conquering colonies you can try to make use of a tactic called «blocking». This tactic is extremely risky, and is probably best suited for advanced players — but if you get it right, you can save a lot of troops, and their associated production costs.

Since enemy units in a sector will flee once their sector boss has been defeated, you can use this to your advantage. Normally, a marshal would be intercepted once they pass through the red attack area of a camp. Once the camp’s been engaged in combat, though, the attack area vanishes, and other marshals may pass through.

As your heavy units can take a lot of damage, and can last a long time, you should attack every camp in between you and the sector boss with these, in order to disable their attack areas.

Attack units on the other hand will finish off a camp quickly. Thus, you should use these to defeat the sector boss.

In the given example, you would (1) block the cavalry camp and (2) the melee camp with your heavy units and then (3) defeat the sector boss with your attack units, utilizing your three Marshals.

Optimizing your timing here will mean you lose fewer units.

Colony Defense Mode: 

This is the defense mode of your island. You can use it to build defenses, and close the weak spots you discovered while conquering the island. Other players will try to steal the island from you, so be sure to prepare a nice surprise for them.

(1) You can build additional defense camps from the building menu on the expedition island. Building these defenses costs defense points, which you automatically receive when conquering the island.

(2) These defensive outposts can be built in the provided building slots.

(3) As you can see, the buildings you can construct differ from the ones which are populated by bandits. Explore the different kinds of buildings and see what they can do! Once set, you can populate them with mercenary troops of your choosing, which you can also acquire by spending defense points.

Important Information Maintenance: 

Important Information PvP Expeditions & Maintenance

Before starting an expedition, please make sure you have enough time to finish it. Expeditions will not be prolonged during maintenance.

Maintenance announcements are posted on the website.

Expedition Medipacks: 

One of your marshals has been defeated in combat! But luckily, you can help your troops recover faster.

(1) You can produce expedition medipacks in your Provision House. Apply these on a marshal’s garrison to instantly revive him and continue fighting.

Note expedition medipacks can only be used on marshals on expedition islands.

(2) Be aware you can only use a limited amount of medipacks per island. On every expedition island there is a medipack counter. It shows you, how many medipacks you’ve used, and how many you’re allowed to use in total.

PvP Video Tutorial: 

This video explains everything you need to know in order to start competing with other players for control of colonies.
It shows you how you can search, attack and defend a colony.

You will also find out information about the new combat system how does it work, what are the new buildings you need and what are the new troops you will use to conquer new islands.
The video gives useful tips on how to attack colonies efficiently, using the bonus damage of units and even how to efficiently «block» using heavy units.
You can also learn on how you can defend the colonies you conquer and reap the rewards most efficiently.

Colony tier and strength points: 

In the overview page of the PvP level screen, you can find the colony tier and strength point display.

Strength points determine the tier at which your explorers will find expedition maps. The higher the tier, the more difficult the island, but also the more yield it will produce and the more rewards you will receive. You’ll also play against other player’s which are in the same tier as you are.

Whenever you successfully conquer an island from, or defend it against another player, you will receive some strength points. But beware — if you get defeated while attacking an island, you’ll lose points instead.

Also, please note
As soon as you reach tier 3, you will be participating in ranked matches. From here on in, you can compare all your victories and defeats against other players at tier 3.

Path Tracking Tool: 

The path tracking tool is a garrison you can place on expeditions to check out the path the marshal will walk. So you can plan the position of the garrisons at the beginning before you conquer the sector.
In the building menu (1) you can find the ghost garrison (2). You can place this garrison anywhere in the zone to see where the marshal will walk. (3) You can place up to 5 garrisons.
If you want to delete any placed ghost garrisons, use the erase tool (4) in the building menu.

The Expedition Water Castle: 

As the great leader of the expedition forces, you have been awarded a water castle. This water castle shall be a symbol of your experience. You can place it in the lake in the middle of your island, so long as you’ve freed the sector from bandits, and have a storehouse in the sector. This is the only place you can build it. The castle starts as a small tower, but remember, with every 2 PvP levels you gain, it will increase its size — and your kingdom’s glory.

The PvP Progression Window: 

This is the PvP progression window. It shows your PvP level and everything related to it.

The PvP level works like your player level. You need to gather PvP XP in order to level up. You can earn XP by defeating enemy units on expedition Islands.

Furthermore, the PvP progression window also shows your current strength level, and allows you to collect the PvP rewards you gain per level. Check this panel regularly to collect all your rewards.


Rankings are leaderboards for PvP. If you reach tier 3 difficulty and play further PvP maps (player owned maps), your progress will be ranked.
If you want to see your ranking, you can click on the ranking button (1) in the main button bar. A new browser tab (2) will open with the current rankings.
You can compare your rank worldwide, or within the instance you’re playing on. (3) You can also change the type of ranking. There are seven different types
— Efficiency The efficiency value compares the number of enemy units you defeat to the number of units you lose.
— Average Time (small, medium, large maps) The average time is a calculated average of time spent on all PvP expeditions. All canceled or lost expeditions count as 3 hours.
— Time (small, medium, large maps) The time ranking reflects your fastest run.
The ranking screen always shows the top 10 players, and at the bottom, you can see your position (4) plus one above and one below.
The rankings will be reset every month, but you can go back and see the rankings of the previous month.